A Press of Canvas A Press of Canvas Volume 1 in the War of 1812 Trilogy by William H. White

This evocative sea tale introduces a new character in American sea fiction: Isaac Biggs of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Written from the aspect of the fo'c'sle rather than an officer's view and through the eyes of an American, A Press of Canvas provides new persepctives and an exciting story from an often neglected period in American history.

A Fine Tops'l Breeze A Fine Tops'l Breeze Volume 2 in the War of 1812 Trilogy by William H. White

A Fine Tops'l Breeze, W. H. White's action-packed novel, continues the adventures of the newest character in American sea fiction: Isaac Biggs of Marble head, Massachusetts. In the second volume of the trilogy, Isaac ships as Third Mate on the Salem privateer General Washington in February 1813. At the same time, his friends from the British frigate Orpheus and the Baltimore schooner Glory find berths on the American warship USSConstellation and, eventually, they wind up on the USSChesapeake in Boston just in time for her disastrous meeting with HMSShannon.

Throughout the spring of 1813, Isaac and the General Washington roam the waters between Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, taking prizes and harassing the British. When the American survivors of the Chesapeake/Shannon battle are confined in Melville Island Prison in Halifax, the General Washington and Isaac play an important role in securing their freedom.

The Evening Gun The Evening Gun Volume 3 in the War of 1812 Trilogy by William H. White

Continuing in the tradition of its predecessors and carefully crafted, The Evening Gun is written from the American seaman's perspective and brings to life, with historical accuracy, the final year of a little-known war - the only time our country has been invaded by a foreign power.


The Greater the Honor The Greater the Honor by William H. White

Novelists, like historians, are storytellers. Unlike historians, however, they find the elements of plot and suspense not in libraries and archives but in their own imaginations.

Bill White is one of those few novelists who is comfortable both in the world of imagination as well as amongst books and dusty manuscripts.

In The Greater the Honor he weaves an imaginative tale of young men in war set against an historical background that is accurate in nearly every detail.

In Pursuit of Glory In Pursuit of Glory by William H. White

Following the ensuing court martial, Stephen Decatur takes command of Chesapeake to enforce the Jeffersonian Embargoes on the Atlantic seaboard with Oliver, Henry Allen, and others from William H. White's The Greater The Honor. Oliver will experience more—though less disastrous—encounters with ships of the Royal Navy, and ultimately, the start of the War of 1812.


When Fortune Frowns When Fortune Frowns by William H. White

When Fortune Frowns is the story of that mission; the preparations, the outbound voyage, finding the mutineers, and another epic small boat voyage following the shipwreck on a reef. Carefully researched and well-told by noted maritime author William H. White, this little-known story closes the final chapter of one of the most infamous mutinies in maritime history.


Fandango's Gold Fandango's Gold by Capt. Robert Louis Boudreau
Author of The Man Who Loved Schooners

Sharks, white sand beaches, gold, greed and romance all add up to high seas adventure in the fabled Caribbean.

Ex navy test pilot, Jack Carlton operates his 90-foot charter schooner out of English Harbour, Antigua. With his trusty mate Cobb and beautiful cook Megan, Jack sails the Fandango through squalls and reef-strewn waters to an appointment with fate on remote Aves Island.