Building Sweet Dream Building Sweet Dream by Mark Pettingil

A complete how-to manual covering all phases of building and finishing six versions of a 12-, 13- or 14-foot 28-lb. arc-bottom canoe.

It includes dimensioned hull plans, a detailed building sequence heavily illustrated with step-by-step photographs, tips and techniques for painting and varnishing, and hard-to-find background and reference material.

Anyone with a few basic hand and electric tools and a small workshop or one-car garage can build Sweet Dream.

Building Badger Building Badger The Benford Sailing Dory Designs by Jay Benford & Pete Hill

Jay Benford's work in designing a series of offshore cruisers has helped get many people started following their dreams and sailing the world. These designs are by far and away the most economical, affordable offshore cruisers, the most boat for the money and very quickly built. This means that you not only get cruising for less money but you can do it much sooner. Something to think about!…

Building The Six-Hour Canoe Building The Six-Hour Canoe Design by Mike O'Brien
Text by Richard Butz
Illus. by John Montague
Line Art by William Bartoo

Contains scale plans, specifications, a tool list, step-by-step instructions—even a helpful explanation of how to paddle the canoe.

All building operations are clearly illustrated with photos and sketches.

Inexpensive to build using ordinary tools and materials, the canoe gives everybody access to boatbuilding and a boat.

Building the Weekend Skiff Building the Weekend Skiff by Richard Butz & John Montague

This is a fun way to spend a weekend and get an excellent small boat easily and inexpensively.

It is a great family project, ideal for introductory boat building courses and for community and school-based boat building experiences.

The Weekend Skiff can give anyone access to boat building and a boat.

Marine Reinforced Plastics Construction Marine Reinforced Plastics Construction Manufacture & Repair by John A. Wills

Takes a complex technical subject and distills the essence into helpful, comprehensive and even entertaining terms.

Author John Wills introduces the reader to the subject of marine reinforced plastics (what most of us refer to collectively as “fiberglass”), offers solutions to blistering and other problems and then challenges the reader with recent discoveries and less conventional processes.

Practical Junk Rig Practical Junk Rig Design Aerodynamics and Handling by H G Hasler and J K McLeod

Tiller Publishing announces the re-publication of Practical Junk Rig, Design Aerodynamics and Handling, the first and still foremost major work on the fore-and-aft Chinese junk rig.

Practical Junk Rig examines the design and aerodynamic theory behind junk rigs and discusses how bet to sail them. It is not a historical treatise but rather a detailed analysis of the intricacies of the rig, which will be of absorbing interest to both amateur owners and professional designers.

Woodcarving Woodcarving Decorative Signs & Eagles, Carving, Finishing & Gold Leafing by David Hassell

A beginner's handbook for carving letters, basic decorative figures and signs.

Carver David Hassell takes you step-by-easy-step through carving simple exercises to eight different nameboard designs, through carving letters both large and small, to three more complex eagles and on through finishing and gold leafing techniques.