Between Two Bays & The Sea Between Two Bays & The Sea A Sailing Adventure Around the Delmarva Peninsula by Howard "Bud" Schindler

Circumnavigating the Delmarva Peninsula is often accomplished as a test of speed and endurance. Howard "Bud" Schindler took the time to experience the very essence of the region.

Full of colorful characters, written straight from the heart, Bud Schindler's Between Two Bays and the Sea comes alive with the fascinating experience of the voyage, the people, and the places he visited.

Brazil and Beyond Brazil and Beyond by Annie Hill

Join Annie & Peter Hill on a voyage in Badger along the Brazilian coast and on to the Falkland Islands.

Includes useful sketch charts of the out-of-the-way ports they visited.

In her typical, well-written fashion, Annie gives us enough technical information to satisfy any sailor as well as plenty of travel adventure to satisfy the sailor's soul.

Practical Junk Rig Practical Junk Rig Design Aerodynamics & Handling by H G Hasler & J K McLeod

Tiller Publishing announces the re-publication of Practical Junk Rig, Design Aerodynamics & Handling, the first and still foremost major work on the fore-and-aft Chinese junk rig.

Practical Junk Rig examines the design and aerodynamic theory behind junk rigs and discusses how best to sail them. It is not a historical treatise but rather a detailed analysis of the intricacies of the rig.

Of Yachts & Men Of Yachts & Men by William Atkin

The famed boat designer’s warm, entertaining and informative reminiscences of a lifetime enjoying boats.

In his own words, it is "an account of many happy years of building, designing and living with small boats; with plans and illustrations of some of these boats, and the circumstances under which they were conceived."

Along with his warm and cheerful autobiography go the stories behind the making of a dozen of his more famous ships, together with the drawings and details of their construction.

The Man Who Loved Schooners The Man Who Loved Schooners by R. L. Boudreau

The Man Who Loved Schooners plots an exciting voyage across four decades of Boudreau's passion for sailing and schooners and his adventures under sail—from a confrontation with a 65-foot rogue wave to a fight with drug pirates in the Bahamas to an eerie encounter with a tiger shark to the onslaught of a vicious hurricane.

Walter Boudreau's son, Robert Louis Boudreau, has chronicled the stories his father passed on to him.

Voyaging On A Small Income Voyaging On A Small Income by Annie Hill

A fitting subject in the current economy, giving people insight and how-to information on fulfilling their dreams.

Annie wrote this book to answer all the questions that always come up about what they're doing.

Annie and Pete Hill voyage on Badger, a Benford 34’ Sailing Dory. An income of £1,300 ($2,500) per year lets them do this without worrying about stopping to work.